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Monday, July 22, 2013

Find your Sanctuary

      This morning as I lye in a restorative Starfish Pose (and it looks like exactly that) I reflect on my weekend spent in my Sanctuary. Everyone needs a Sanctuary.
      Last week I celebrated a physical milestone of walking 3/4 of a mile without "dropping"  my foot. My attitude at the time was "Bring it on, MS!"
      Twenty-four hours later, the rebellious MS fought back and I found myself lucky to walk the short expanse from the living room to the kitchen (and my house is small) without falling. My balance was skewed, my vision eschew and that MS tremor had returned to my writing hand. I let MS have its way for a few hours, easing it into a false sense of control because sometimes the best defense is to allow your opponent to think it has won.

      My MS didn't realize that we would be spending the weekend in my Sanctuary. Bemis, West Virginia, undoubtedly one of the state's many best kept secrets, is where MS does not exist. In Bemis, I have fallen flat on my face walking to the fire pit; I have stumbled in the dark; I have slipped on the moss covered rocks in the middle of Shaver's Creek trying to cross the ankle deep stream.

In Bemis I collect ripe apples in the autumn before setting up the flat screen satellite TV on the porch for an afternoon of college football, hot dogs and beer.

      In Bemis I catch up on my magazine reading while listening to the rest of the family play Corn-hole or Croquet. In Bemis I endulge in junk food that I swear is worked off by multiple rides up the mountain on my four-wheeler (okay, this may not be of aerobic value at all, but it sounds good).
     In Bemis I attend the small country church on Sundays when a travlling preacher is visiting.

 In Bemis I grade papers with abandon and write some of the best lesson plans imaginable. In Bemis I scream with child-like delight when I hear the approach of the Tygart Valley Flier coming up the tracks.

     In Bemis I fantasize about building my own home and living on a this mountain away from traffic and cellphone service.

Even better I dream about refurbishing the abandoned Bemis School house. It would make a wonderful home or, even better, a private school with me the sole teacher/administrator.

      In Bemis I live free of disease because Bemis is my Sanctuary.
     It won't cure MS, but it certainly softens the inconvenence.
     Find your Sanctuary.

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