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Friday, July 19, 2013

Exercise and MS

Yesterday I celebrated a milestone in my MS exercise routine and today I am wondering if my legs will ever obey my commands again. Too humid to walk outside this morning, I chose instead to seek the ministrations of this week's DVD trainer Leslie Sansone (I employ a different DVD professional each week for variety). Big mistake. I normally do my DVD video workout in the evening after my muscles have had the opportunity to practice cooperating for several hours. Slow and easy is my morning ritual, but this morning Leslie took me on a fast and furious ride. Thinking that a little yoga would calm my jittery limbs, I turned on Rock My Yoga with Sadie. I never finish her routines but just like feeling her "groove". Well, Sadie left me on the carpet with a wrenched back and wishing it was time for my nightly glass of vino.

As with MS, life just continues to throw us these little curves; so I cannot consciously view My MS as any different than a normal day. We never know what life is going to throw us so we need to have a catcher's mitt handy at all times. This morning's exercise fiasco doesn't really disappointment me and I do not see it as a set back. It's just another day of MS, of my life, and that's okay. I've always liked baseball...

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