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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am one proud author!

This morning a colleague met me at the door to ell me that she started reading Abby, last night and could not put it down. She fell asleep with it in her hands. She is the second adult to tell me this. Since my intended audience is YA, this makes me feel very, very good about my story. She has Raspberry Beret and will probably begin reading it this evening upon finishing the first book. She cannot wait to get a copy of Opening Pandora's Box - The Conclusion and am very anxious to provide it for her. The more I think about my three novels . the more I love what I have done.

It's not every day we realize that one of our life's goals has come to fruition.
I hope my words inspire young girls to make good decisions as well as appreciate the good I life.

Check out Abby, Raspberry Beret and Opening Pandora's Box on Amazon. I am one proud author!
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