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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reminding myself that this IS the 21st century...

     I read my latest copy of Writers Digest today and am once again totally overwhelmed with publishing information. My first novel is self-published but is basically in the hands of a self-publishing house in BC and my second novel is a product of Create Space. Not a business-minded individual, I am clueless as to how to promote my books in the fashion that is suggested by these interesting articles that leave me burdened with my techie ignorance. I love to write. I just do not have an interest in the promoting of my work. Terrible, huh? It all sounds so simple until I sit down to tackle the situation head on.
    So, here's my to do list:
1. Write a convincing query.
2. Write an interesting summary of Abby an equally wonderful piece to promote Raspberry Beret.
3. Focus on understanding the workings of e-book publication.
4. Remember to actually do WORK on the computer instead of playing Bubble Witch Saga (I am addicted).
5. At least pretend to be what I always wanted to be: an author of YA fiction.
6. Oh, and try to figure out how to post   pictures from my phone on the internet:)
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