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Monday, July 30, 2012

Tamarack July 2012

Another Moment of WOW

In keeping with the current Olympic Games, I am reminded of another WOW moment in my life. As a lifeguard at a private country club pool, I had the privelege of swimming ANY time I wanted (day or night) since my family also lived on the grounds (my father was the club golf pro). This allowed me to practice my strokes and dives on a regular basis. Never Olympic material, but I DID learn to execute a lovely Jack Knife dive. I was SO proud.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fifty Shades of...Shame

Well, I finished it...Fifty Shades of Grey...and I am sorely disappointed in myself for falling into the temptation. I said I would NOT read this book; but I am glad that I now have  first-hand knowledge of the plot. I am also extremely shamed at the same time. How can such a poor portrayal of my role as a woman earn such high praise in the world of publication? Granted this is NOT my genre of choice, but I had hoped that it at least there was some literary value to its existence. I am so very happy to mark the reading of this off my to-do list.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A WOW moment

One of my first WOW moments had to be the first time I directed my high school marching band as the newly elected drum majorette. I love being in the band and it was my dream to be in this position. I was honored to be Monongah High School's drum majorette for two years. Good times...

Tell me about one of your WOW moments.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What makes up a WOW moment for you?

Wow and Viola! in final editing stages

I will remove the blue background of this blog as soon as I have copies of Raspberry Beret and Operation Pandora's Box in my hands and ready for the FINAL MAKEOVER. This has been so exciting. I LOVE the cover for Raspberry Beret! I'm not sure what it has to do with anything, but it's pretty.
Thank you, James, for being such an awesome editor (Yes, I gave you a title!). Hopefully I will have something to pass onto you next week. Enjoy your vacation!
Off to do some much neglected yard work (I'd rather be writing!).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wow and Viola! trilogy nearing completion

Hold on to  your French dictionary, Abby fans, the trilogy is nearing completion and will (hopefully) ready for sale by early September. I can't wait!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week-end thoughts

I have learned this week that Massages hurt, Yoga is hard, and that proofing NEVER ends.  But I have enjoyed experiencing all of the above.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Author's Note

I was asked this morning why I write in first person. My answer was not difficult....mainly due to student reinforcement. I like to write in first person because it makes the story more personal. It's also easy for me because I have spent most of my life recording events in one of many personal journals. At one time I had more journals than I knew what to do with; now I only keep two. When I discovered that I was to be blessed with my very own little person, I began journalling to that very special person. Eleven years later my  journal to him has become my personal diary as well (I keep it as "clean" as possible:) I also used to keep a book journal, but it began to interfere with my reading, so I just read and hope to remember what it was I read.
First person is fun. I don't know if I would be comfortable writing in third person.
Hmmmmmmm....maybe I'll give it a try.

Fairmont's First Friday, July edition

 It was SO hot at River City Grille (106 in the shade!), but authors Daleen Berry, Gary Vincent, Rich Bottles, JR. and Lisa McCombs sucked it up and beat the heat to hang out at the Kerri's Korner tent.The next First Friday event will be downtown Fairmont. Hope it's cooler!

Taylor Books in Charleston, WV with Marilyn Sue Shank

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm grateful to publish my reviews since that seems to be the only thing I post on my blog!

The Aftermath of Rock-n-Roll

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite
The love of her life, a  dream come true, the man of her dreams…Adrian, the gorgeous, charismatic rock star and he wanted her to be his life partner…Noelle couldn’t believe her luck…it was too good to be true. Just months into their whirlwind romance and his romantic proposal author Noelle Anderson realized that the man who had wooed her was bleeding her dry, both financially and emotionally. After months of conversing via internet and lengthy, steamy phone calls, the reality of her rash and poor decisions brought Noelle face to face with how reckless impulse commitment could bring her hard earned success to a screeching halt. Through careful research and hindsight she realized the predicament she had to live with. How could she have been so blind? How could she have exposed her child to such a dangerous and uncaring man?
Noelle Anderson’s story of living with a psychopath is rich with supportive data and detailed research that opens this reader’s eyes to the ominous effect of the manipulative charms that often sway the otherwise intelligent decisions of those of us who want to believe in true love and commitment.  Anderson quotes “trust in God but lock your car”, which sums up the relationship between blind faith and common sense. Her story warns us to pay heed to the red flags that are often swept under the proverbial carpet when we forfeit our hearts to the wiles of the self-destructive men who prey on the goodness of their victims.  The Aftermath of Rock-n-Roll is a valuable volume that anyone contemplating a serious relationship should read.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Why do people (professionals especially) not take the time to proofread their work before publishing it? Do they think that just because they have a title, a reputation as a pro, or that their success makes them immune to the fact that their words are a role model for those of us not in their shoes?
I am at a professional meeting this week, surrounded by award winning reading teachers and was appalled at the misspellings evident in a power point presentation. These errors distracted me so much that I could not even tell you what the message was.

Award Finalist

Abby is a finalist in Favorite Reads book contest! I am SO psyched! Operation Pandora's Box is in print via Create Space and I don't really know how I feel about that since it was supposedly a review copy and I'm not real happy with the interior of the book.
Now, if I could only get in gear and finish Raspberry Beret, my trilogy would be complete.