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Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Review
Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite

The Jane Austin Academy is a private girls school attended mostly by the "privileged" set, but junior Lizzie is one of the fortunate middle class members of the student body. She realizes that her presence at this prestigious school is mainly to keep her out of hr parents' way, but that is okay with her. Jane Austin is her private haven and personal passion. So, when Lizzie arrives on campus for her third year to discover that the school has been sold and is now accepting BOYS, she embarks on a crusade to save the integrity of Jane Austin Academy. To do this Lizzie must sacrifice her dream of rooming with her best friend in order to obtain the status of editor in chief of the school newspaper. Her new roomie is none other than the campus snob and direct descendant of the founder of Jane Austin Academy. Jealousy takes over Lizzie's thoughts as she watches Ellie (her "bestie" since pre-school) bond with her new living partner Emma...they even cutely become labeled the BlondEs! Add to that the fact that Lizzie has become fascinated with the enemy (gorgeous, mysterious Dante) and disaster becomes imminent. Oh, and Dante's goal is to obtain the sole scholarship position to Georgetown that Lizzie has dreamed about all her life. Can anything else happen to ruin Lizzie's life?

"Fall For You" is exactly the type of book that I would recommend to my daughter, to my students, or to my mother! I love the freshness of the story and the absence of foul language or lurid details that so many YA authors deem necessary in today's genre. Because this is the first in a planned series I can visualize a cult following, much like the Nancy Drew of old or Pretty Little Liars of now. I loved this book and am anxiously awaiting the second installment in the 'Jane Austin Academy' series! Bravo!Bravo!