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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It's almost here...2013...Wow, when I was young(er), the year 2013 sounded like a
Star Trek episode, and now I am actually going to be living (I hope) it. The last two years have been very exciting for me and I pray that this new one will wield the success in publishing that I dream about.  
     Right now Raspberry Beret is doing much better than I expected and reports in are that it is better than Abby. By the way, it looks like FriesenPress ( is selling that first title on their sale page and offering free shipping. Trust me, folks, that is a deal. If you didn't already know, Abby won an award in October and is officially the 2012 Readers Favorite Honor Medal winner for YA fiction. I am SO honored and proud of my gal Abby!
      Reader Favorite ( is an awesome website that offers free reviews and valuable info in the publishing world. I am so glad I found a home there.
     In November I completed the NaNoWriMo (def a site worth …

The after effects of Jeannette Walls

Last evening I had the awesome opportunity to be in an audience of educators, parents, and readers anxious to meet The Glass Castle author Jeannette Walls. My head ached, my throat raw, and my ears ringing with pre-cold misery, I soon forgot my discomfort. Ms. Walls is mesmerizing. Her story is beyond inspirational and her sincerity humbling.  Thank you, Marion County, for bringing Jeannette Walls back to West Virginia for a few hours. This best seller wannabe is truly appreciative.

I get excited every time I see that someone else enjoyed my book.

Book Review Reviewed by Lynn F. for Readers Favorite

"Abby" by Lisa A. McCombs is a delightful read that is appropriate for teenage girls as well as well as adults. The reader is taken on a journey through the school year by seventh grader Abigail Van Buren Masterdon. Abby, her mother, and little brother Joey have come home to Monongah Virginia. Abby’s father died when she was young, her mother has done her best considering she is a single parent. They had to move around a lot. In Monongah everyone seems to know them or at least her mother. While working on an English assignment to research a newspaper story, Abby just happens to come across “Dear Abby.” She writes in her journal to Abigail Van Buren almost daily, Abby is finding out more and more things about where they are living. This is where her mother is from as she discovers aunts, uncles, cousins and most of all grandparents, but what is most devastating is that she learns her mother has MS. From her mother’s heath an…


I am a terrible blogger and I apologize to anyone out there who is actually following me:) This has been a very busy few months and I am SO looking forward to my Christmas break.
Abby received the exciting news that she is a Readers Favorite Honor Award Winner. That means that my book achieved 4th place in the Young Adult General Fiction category and I get to put award stickers on the cover of every copy. I am still kinda numb...
I have met so many wonderful people during my promotion efforts and I hope to meet many more.

Kerri Childers, owner of Kerri's Korner Bookstore, invited me to spend Small Business Saturday at her wonderful bookstore and educational resource center. I met SO many new folks, visited with old friends, ate TOO many delicious Noteworthy Sweets cookies, and just had awesome day. Thank you, Kerri!kerri'
With the awesome Mary Rosini...
 My new friends the Mad, Sad, Glad Guys!
Daleen Berry, author of Sisters of Silence, and I meet up at The Greenbrier. There really wasn't a dress code, but we sure do match nicely, don't we?
Marion County Public Library, Fairmont, West Virginia...I was honored to display both Abby and Raspberry Beret. I love libraries! I love books!

Look who the Marion County Reading Council officers found in the Morgantown Barnes and Noble. It's Wiley Cash, author of A Land More Kind Than Home.And he's holding a copy of Abby!