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Because I want it to be goooood!

In this hurry up world, I fell into the pit and became one of those very individuals I often ridicule. Society is in so much of a hurry to achieve instant gratification that we rush from one activity to the next without the success we ultimately desire.
With this in mind...I have decided to NOT publish the conclusion to my Wow and Viola! Trilogy until after the new year begins. The pressure that I have put on myself to complete the trilogy has obscured my purpose of successfully promoting books one and two. THAT'S what I need to concentrate on, right?
So, if you are on of the few who have actually read Raspberry Beret, you will have to hang on the edge for a few more months. If you haven't picked it up yet (Amazon!) then you have time to acquaint yourself with my characters.

NaNoWriMo 2012

I am so excited about this year's NaNoWriMo experience. My project is titled The Day Ted Williams Came to Town and if I can continue at the pace I have established the first two days, I think this event will be successful. As of 6:30AM I reported 4043 words. Not bad for a Friday.