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Lisa's Page: Living the Dream!
So many times we let "the moment" pass up by. Diagnosed with MS eleven years ago, six months after the birth of my only child, I learned VERY quickly not to allow opportunity to get away from me. I immediately vowed to leave work at the work place, attend church as often as possible, listen to my instincts, cherish my home and family, practice saying NO, and follow my dream.
I am following my dream, folks. I am writing and I am publishing. It may not be the traditional publishing life I envisioned years ago, but it works for me. I have learned SO much about the business by self-publishing. My first novel, although self-published, was an expensive but valuable lesson. Once acquainted with CreateSpace, I started owning my own destiny. (Now to pay off the debt accrued from book one!) I got so excited this weekend when I discovered the insert page break, that I nearly danced "like my hair was on fire".
Yep...I love the lease on life that MS has given me. Just the fact t hat I can find blessings in a disease is testament that I am following my dream. As Abby is found of saying "God doesn't throw us more than we can catch".
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