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Monongah Authors at Monongah Fest

Monongah Authors Lisa McCombs and Linda Stevenski, promoting new titles. Raspberry Beret by Lisa McCombs and available on Amazon Sept. 1, 2012. Monongah 1949 by Linda Stevenski, available immediately.
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Raspberry Beret

Want to read more about Abigail Van Buren Masterson?  The second book in my trilogy will be available for mass market 9/1/12; but if you can't wait I will be accepting order at a discounted price!)s at the Monongah Fest in Monongah, West Virginia, on August 18. These autographed copies will be mailed to you (free!) ASAP and in plenty of time for you get ready for book number three (projected born on date 10/1/12).


If you are reading this, you are hearing me scream.
I believe there are little gremlins in my computer that keep changing the spacing, margins, indention, font, you name it, in my draft. Either that or someone is jealous of my potential best seller.
Yea, yea, that's it...
Taking a break and going to the pool for the last time before school begins.

August First Friday

Raspberry Beret in final, final revision!

September 1 Dear Abby,
On the first day of my summer vacation I slept until noon.
On the first day of summer vacation I forgot that we didn’t have school and had to hurry to get dressed. My summer vacation started with a fantastic pool party and bonfire…
I swam and camped all summer.
Summer vacation was the very best ever…
            Oh, fromage (that’s “cheese” in French. I just like the way it sounds.), the first week of my summer vacation literally sucked. That is until the new family moved into our old apartment across from Pap’s diner.