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First Friday #2

Fairmont's First Friday Arts and Music SeriesMay 17 We will have the following local authors:

Daleen Berry from Kingwood, WV. Her memoir about domestic violence titled "Sister of Silence"

Majesta Antion from Grafton, WV. Her children’s book, "We Chose You" is about adoption.

Lisa McCombs from Monongah, WV. Her young adult book, "Abby" is about a young girl’s seventh grade yea

Seven days of school left!

It's coming down to the wire. Counting the days until I can (possibly) devote uninterrupted (ha!) time to writing. I still need to edit my November NANOWRIMO work if I want to collect my prize. That's book 3 of my trilogy, so June will be Finish Book Two Month. The Day Ted Williams Came to Town is a project that is a project burning in my soul, so August NaNo Camp is going to get a full dose of that work.  Can I do all of this AND promote Abby AND still review for Good Reads, AND read all of the awesome YA novels that are collecting beside my chair and on my Kindle? AND spend time with the family? Yes, I can. I am looking forward to it!!!!!!
StephPellegrin  Sorry, just saw your tweet! There's a quote I love that reads, "Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can."

Close to Famous

Joan Bauer is my new hero! Close to Famous is an inspiration and after reading it I just want to rewrite, rethink and redo EVERYTHING I have ever penned. I cried, I laughed, I remembered...I cannot believe that I am just now discovering this awesome author. I want more!!!!
Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite Reckless Perfection is a colorful portrayal of ethnic diversity in America’s public school system. High school co-eds Mercedez, Julia, Angela, and Amanda are examples of the hidden life of today’s youth. Physical abuse, relationship angst, gossip, bullying…these are the biggest problems described in this raw  depiction of urban life and the battle of the social placement in society. Friends betray friends and family situations are revealed when these girls dared to date outside of their social status. When bad boy Robbie enters the picture, rumors begin to circulate concerning his mysterious past and his sexual prowess with the girls of Roctown High. Additional problems erupt when Mercedez attacks her pregnant stepmother and endangers the life of her unborn sister. Twins Julio and Julia attempt to sooth troubled waters of the parents’ marriage. Angela struggles to correct her checkered past and make amends with those she hurt. Amanda just…

Book Event @ Barnes and Noble

My mother says that Mother's Day would mean nothing without a daughter to share it, this daughter is taking her mother to Barnes and Noble in Morgantown, WV, on Saturday, May 12, for an early Mother's Day celebration. While we are there, I will be signing copies of Abby from 1 until my mother says it's time to go eat:) Hope to see you there!

The Valley Walker

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite “Two salt tablets, a canteen of water and push on grunt.” This is the mantra that drives John Walker to maintain his purpose. Walker is a larger than life character whose objective is to right the wrongs created by the heroin lords of Laos, those vile creatures who are responsible for the deaths of far too many college students and whose business is the ruination of an otherwise prosperous future for too many trusting individuals. Walker’s wife doesn’t even know what motivates her husband who she hasn’t seen in years, having buried his war veteran body some time ago. Special Investigator Teri Altro unknowingly is Walker’s champion in his campaign to eradicate the plans of the drug terrorists who have infiltrated the US. Walker’s plan seemed to have evolved many years ago when he became infatuated with America’s participation in the Viet Nam conflict. While there he was “adopted” by individuals more power than the mere mortal he was upon…

Taylor Books in Charleston, WV

A great day with fellow WV authors Mike Casazza, Marilyn Sue Shank, and Mary Rocini, and illustrator Gina Thomas. Of course I had to purchase a few books...

What a way to begin the merry month of May!

First Friday in
Fairmont with Rich Bottles and Gary Vincent. Thank you, Kerri's Korner, for sponsoring us!

Headed South!

On Saturday, May 5, I will be at Taylor Books in Charleston to join several WV authors in a signing extravaganza! 11:00-1:00
Taylor Books is located on Capital Street. Come join the fun!

A Weekend of Signing!

Friday, May 4,2012, Mainstreet Fairmont is hosting an Arts Fest that will showcase area authors, musical talent, and food. I will be at Kerri's: (5:00-7:00) Korner booth beside Notable Sweets, signing Abby. Come out and enjoy the festivities!!!

Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (And Thrive) Middle School

Lisa McCombs review for Readers Favorite Middle School…the worst years of your life…or are they? Lucy and CeCee, seventh grade experts, have devised the perfect handbook for middle school survival. Everything from honing in on the types of teachers and how to handle them, to planning the perfect sleepover, foolproof tardy excuses, and the importance of maintaining social decorum…these gals advise even the most socially handicapped in a humorous, yet realistic guide to succeeding in middle school. Do you need to know how to successfully pass that all important note during class? Are you still not clear on how to distract a teacher during the most boring lecture of all time? What do you do at the mall other than shop? These gals know all and tell all in their instructional account of surviving and thriving in middle school. Seemingly different, these BFFs come together in their devotion to one another. Lucy’s goal is to do anything necessary to land the perfect boyfriend (even if he is…