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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It's almost here...2013...Wow, when I was young(er), the year 2013 sounded like a
Star Trek episode, and now I am actually going to be living (I hope) it. The last two years have been very exciting for me and I pray that this new one will wield the success in publishing that I dream about.  
     Right now Raspberry Beret is doing much better than I expected and reports in are that it is better than Abby. By the way, it looks like FriesenPress ( is selling that first title on their sale page and offering free shipping. Trust me, folks, that is a deal. If you didn't already know, Abby won an award in October and is officially the 2012 Readers Favorite Honor Medal winner for YA fiction. I am SO honored and proud of my gal Abby!
      Reader Favorite ( is an awesome website that offers free reviews and valuable info in the publishing world. I am so glad I found a home there.
     In November I completed the NaNoWriMo (def a site worth …

The after effects of Jeannette Walls

Last evening I had the awesome opportunity to be in an audience of educators, parents, and readers anxious to meet The Glass Castle author Jeannette Walls. My head ached, my throat raw, and my ears ringing with pre-cold misery, I soon forgot my discomfort. Ms. Walls is mesmerizing. Her story is beyond inspirational and her sincerity humbling.  Thank you, Marion County, for bringing Jeannette Walls back to West Virginia for a few hours. This best seller wannabe is truly appreciative.

I get excited every time I see that someone else enjoyed my book.

Book Review Reviewed by Lynn F. for Readers Favorite

"Abby" by Lisa A. McCombs is a delightful read that is appropriate for teenage girls as well as well as adults. The reader is taken on a journey through the school year by seventh grader Abigail Van Buren Masterdon. Abby, her mother, and little brother Joey have come home to Monongah Virginia. Abby’s father died when she was young, her mother has done her best considering she is a single parent. They had to move around a lot. In Monongah everyone seems to know them or at least her mother. While working on an English assignment to research a newspaper story, Abby just happens to come across “Dear Abby.” She writes in her journal to Abigail Van Buren almost daily, Abby is finding out more and more things about where they are living. This is where her mother is from as she discovers aunts, uncles, cousins and most of all grandparents, but what is most devastating is that she learns her mother has MS. From her mother’s heath an…


I am a terrible blogger and I apologize to anyone out there who is actually following me:) This has been a very busy few months and I am SO looking forward to my Christmas break.
Abby received the exciting news that she is a Readers Favorite Honor Award Winner. That means that my book achieved 4th place in the Young Adult General Fiction category and I get to put award stickers on the cover of every copy. I am still kinda numb...
I have met so many wonderful people during my promotion efforts and I hope to meet many more.

Kerri Childers, owner of Kerri's Korner Bookstore, invited me to spend Small Business Saturday at her wonderful bookstore and educational resource center. I met SO many new folks, visited with old friends, ate TOO many delicious Noteworthy Sweets cookies, and just had awesome day. Thank you, Kerri!kerri'
With the awesome Mary Rosini...
 My new friends the Mad, Sad, Glad Guys!
Daleen Berry, author of Sisters of Silence, and I meet up at The Greenbrier. There really wasn't a dress code, but we sure do match nicely, don't we?
Marion County Public Library, Fairmont, West Virginia...I was honored to display both Abby and Raspberry Beret. I love libraries! I love books!

Look who the Marion County Reading Council officers found in the Morgantown Barnes and Noble. It's Wiley Cash, author of A Land More Kind Than Home.And he's holding a copy of Abby!

Because I want it to be goooood!

In this hurry up world, I fell into the pit and became one of those very individuals I often ridicule. Society is in so much of a hurry to achieve instant gratification that we rush from one activity to the next without the success we ultimately desire.
With this in mind...I have decided to NOT publish the conclusion to my Wow and Viola! Trilogy until after the new year begins. The pressure that I have put on myself to complete the trilogy has obscured my purpose of successfully promoting books one and two. THAT'S what I need to concentrate on, right?
So, if you are on of the few who have actually read Raspberry Beret, you will have to hang on the edge for a few more months. If you haven't picked it up yet (Amazon!) then you have time to acquaint yourself with my characters.

NaNoWriMo 2012

I am so excited about this year's NaNoWriMo experience. My project is titled The Day Ted Williams Came to Town and if I can continue at the pace I have established the first two days, I think this event will be successful. As of 6:30AM I reported 4043 words. Not bad for a Friday.
Lisa's Page: Living the Dream!
So many times we let "the moment" pass up by. Diagnosed with MS eleven years ago, six months after the birth of my only child, I learned VERY quickly not to allow opportunity to get away from me. I immediately vowed to leave work at the work place, attend church as often as possible, listen to my instincts, cherish my home and family, practice saying NO, and follow my dream.
I am following my dream, folks. I am writing and I am publishing. It may not be the traditional publishing life I envisioned years ago, but it works for me. I have learned SO much about the business by self-publishing. My first novel, although self-published, was an expensive but valuable lesson. Once acquainted with CreateSpace, I started owning my own destiny. (Now to pay off the debt accrued from book one!) I got so excited this weekend when I discovered the insert page break, that I nearly danced "like my hair was on fire".
Yep...I love the lease on life t…

Living the Dream!

Okay, I think I am up and running once again. Not being of a techie mind set, I just about panic when I can't access what I believe to be at my beck and call....even after an extended absence. I promise to be a better visitor to my own site!:)
West Virginia Book Festival was an awesome experience and I am grateful to all the WV authors (and a few from neighboring states) who share in this wonderful opportunity.
This is my faithful assistant and love of my life. Thanks so much, Boone, for helping your ol' Mom live a slice of her dream!

...and earlier this year, member of the Marion County Reading Council had the surprise and honor of meeting new WV author Wiley Cash when meeting at BN in Morgantown, WV, to finish up some project work.
You just never know what opportunity awaits! (And he's holding my book!)

Thank you, Pam!

A great young teen book, October 19, 2012 By  pamstebbins This review is from: Abby, (Paperback) 7th grade Abby has a lot to say in her school journal. She's the new girl, her mother's been diagnosed with MS, a boy is interested in her, and more. After years of moving around Abby's mother relocates the family to her home town of Monongah, WV stirring up a wealth of family secrets. Through it all Abby remains optimistic. "Wow and viola!"
There are between 250,000 to 350,000 people living with MS in the U.S. The first symptoms occur in people 20 to 40 years old, and twice as often in women. Not surprising there are many children who are being raised by a parent with MS. This book deals deftly with this without overwelming the reader or preaching. Abby's mother's MS is just one facet of Abby's life just as MS does not define those who have the chronic condition. Everyone has problems, that's life. And a good book.

Readers Favorite Finalist

Abby received the fourth place honor of Honorable for 2012 Readers Favorite novel contest. I'm psyched! Every time I get a little down and think that my writing dream is a waste of time, something or someone comes along to remind me that this is my dream and it's coming true.

Monongah Authors at Monongah Fest

Monongah Authors Lisa McCombs and Linda Stevenski, promoting new titles. Raspberry Beret by Lisa McCombs and available on Amazon Sept. 1, 2012. Monongah 1949 by Linda Stevenski, available immediately.
Check us out at

Raspberry Beret

Want to read more about Abigail Van Buren Masterson?  The second book in my trilogy will be available for mass market 9/1/12; but if you can't wait I will be accepting order at a discounted price!)s at the Monongah Fest in Monongah, West Virginia, on August 18. These autographed copies will be mailed to you (free!) ASAP and in plenty of time for you get ready for book number three (projected born on date 10/1/12).


If you are reading this, you are hearing me scream.
I believe there are little gremlins in my computer that keep changing the spacing, margins, indention, font, you name it, in my draft. Either that or someone is jealous of my potential best seller.
Yea, yea, that's it...
Taking a break and going to the pool for the last time before school begins.

August First Friday

Raspberry Beret in final, final revision!

September 1 Dear Abby,
On the first day of my summer vacation I slept until noon.
On the first day of summer vacation I forgot that we didn’t have school and had to hurry to get dressed. My summer vacation started with a fantastic pool party and bonfire…
I swam and camped all summer.
Summer vacation was the very best ever…
            Oh, fromage (that’s “cheese” in French. I just like the way it sounds.), the first week of my summer vacation literally sucked. That is until the new family moved into our old apartment across from Pap’s diner.

Tamarack July 2012

Another Moment of WOW

In keeping with the current Olympic Games, I am reminded of another WOW moment in my life. As a lifeguard at a private country club pool, I had the privelege of swimming ANY time I wanted (day or night) since my family also lived on the grounds (my father was the club golf pro). This allowed me to practice my strokes and dives on a regular basis. Never Olympic material, but I DID learn to execute a lovely Jack Knife dive. I was SO proud.

Fifty Shades of...Shame

Well, I finished it...Fifty Shades of Grey...and I am sorely disappointed in myself for falling into the temptation. I said I would NOT read this book; but I am glad that I now have  first-hand knowledge of the plot. I am also extremely shamed at the same time. How can such a poor portrayal of my role as a woman earn such high praise in the world of publication? Granted this is NOT my genre of choice, but I had hoped that it at least there was some literary value to its existence. I am so very happy to mark the reading of this off my to-do list.

A WOW moment

One of my first WOW moments had to be the first time I directed my high school marching band as the newly elected drum majorette. I love being in the band and it was my dream to be in this position. I was honored to be Monongah High School's drum majorette for two years. Good times...
Tell me about one of your WOW moments.

Wow and Viola! in final editing stages

I will remove the blue background of this blog as soon as I have copies of Raspberry Beret and Operation Pandora's Box in my hands and ready for the FINAL MAKEOVER. This has been so exciting. I LOVE the cover for Raspberry Beret! I'm not sure what it has to do with anything, but it's pretty.
Thank you, James, for being such an awesome editor (Yes, I gave you a title!). Hopefully I will have something to pass onto you next week. Enjoy your vacation!
Off to do some much neglected yard work (I'd rather be writing!).

Week-end thoughts

I have learned this week that Massages hurt, Yoga is hard, and that proofing NEVER ends.  But I have enjoyed experiencing all of the above.

Author's Note

I was asked this morning why I write in first person. My answer was not difficult....mainly due to student reinforcement. I like to write in first person because it makes the story more personal. It's also easy for me because I have spent most of my life recording events in one of many personal journals. At one time I had more journals than I knew what to do with; now I only keep two. When I discovered that I was to be blessed with my very own little person, I began journalling to that very special person. Eleven years later my  journal to him has become my personal diary as well (I keep it as "clean" as possible:) I also used to keep a book journal, but it began to interfere with my reading, so I just read and hope to remember what it was I read.
First person is fun. I don't know if I would be comfortable writing in third person.
Hmmmmmmm....maybe I'll give it a try.

Fairmont's First Friday, July edition

It was SO hot at River City Grille (106 in the shade!), but authors Daleen Berry, Gary Vincent, Rich Bottles, JR. and Lisa McCombs sucked it up and beat the heat to hang out at the Kerri's Korner tent.The next First Friday event will be downtown Fairmont. Hope it's cooler!

Taylor Books in Charleston, WV with Marilyn Sue Shank

I'm grateful to publish my reviews since that seems to be the only thing I post on my blog!

The Aftermath of Rock-n-Roll

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite The love of her life, a  dream come true, the man of her dreams…Adrian, the gorgeous, charismatic rock star and he wanted her to be his life partner…Noelle couldn’t believe her luck…it was too good to be true. Just months into their whirlwind romance and his romantic proposal author Noelle Anderson realized that the man who had wooed her was bleeding her dry, both financially and emotionally. After months of conversing via internet and lengthy, steamy phone calls, the reality of her rash and poor decisions brought Noelle face to face with how reckless impulse commitment could bring her hard earned success to a screeching halt. Through careful research and hindsight she realized the predicament she had to live with. How could she have been so blind? How could she have exposed her child to such a dangerous and uncaring man? Noelle Anderson’s story of living with a psychopath is rich with supportive data and detailed research that opens this re…


Why do people (professionals especially) not take the time to proofread their work before publishing it? Do they think that just because they have a title, a reputation as a pro, or that their success makes them immune to the fact that their words are a role model for those of us not in their shoes?
I am at a professional meeting this week, surrounded by award winning reading teachers and was appalled at the misspellings evident in a power point presentation. These errors distracted me so much that I could not even tell you what the message was.

Award Finalist

Abby is a finalist in Favorite Reads book contest! I am SO psyched! Operation Pandora's Box is in print via Create Space and I don't really know how I feel about that since it was supposedly a review copy and I'm not real happy with the interior of the book.
Now, if I could only get in gear and finish Raspberry Beret, my trilogy would be complete.

Streets of Our Youth by Ron Stelle

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite
"As corny as that may sound, it is as true today as it was to our parents during their time and their parents during theirs. Who we are when we arrive to the “other side” of growing up depends not only on our parents and family, but the friends we grew up with. We found strength in our friends when times were difficult." No truer words have ever been spoken and yet our youth insist that times are different and that the "older" generation could not possibly ever understand or relate to what it is like to grow up. In Richard Stelle's reflection of growing up in the 1960's, there is little difference to the children of today. Certainly technology has changed the way in which information is presented, but feelings and emotions are the same. Streets of Our Youth is fifteen chapters of daring adventures of a group of friends that begin with the assassination of President Kennedy; an event that was lost on Bill, Mike,…

Operation Pandora's Box

Yesterday, June 14, my awesome former student and I met to work on edits for the third book in my Wow and Viola! series. Yes, that's right, the third one is finished. Thanks you, James!!!!!!!
Raspberry Beret (the second book) is in the final stages of completion. (Will you be ready to do some more editing, James?:)
I have learned that I will NEVER attempt to write two books at one time again, especially in reverse order. Confusing? You betcha!

The Prodigy by A.L. Campbell

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite Miles never dreamed of being anything other than the obedient, well-mannered boy his mother expected him to be. Academically superior, his grades made enough of a hero of him, but when his athletic skills became obvious in high school, he was the boy who had it all. When he agreed to try his hand at playing football, it was only as a favor to the man who had become a father-figure to him. He was able to keep his extracurricular activity secret from his mother until his fame on the field gained notoriety. Promising never to keep such information from his mother again, Miles continued to excel in sports until his talent earned him full college scholarships and national attention. Everyone profited from his fame, but was it enough to keep him honest? A.L. Campbell portrays the harsh reality of college sports in the novel The Prodigy. Sports fans are often not privy to the politics behind the making of a sports hero. It is a sad business that…

Sharpie Messages: The Writing on the Wall

Chastity and Jullian had all the ingredients for a successful life together, if only Chastity could exorcise her past full of memories of her first love. When Xavier disappeared from her life, she felt rectified in pursuing happiness with the man who sincerely loved her and “ad her back”. Chastity met Xavier during a time in her life when she was in search of acceptance. His mysterious existence compounded the worth of his affection. When Xavier’s parents were tragically killed, he was left at the mercy of the state foster system. He refused to be a ward of the state and chose to go into hiding until his eighteenth birthday. Living in his abandoned family home, Xavier attempted to keep his exile private. Walking home in the midst of a snow storm, Chastity was forced into the neighborhood “haunted house” to avoid the weather. There she discovered random writings on the walls and was further intrigued with the author. Not one to concern herself with appearance and always the target of …

a bit of my third novel

...You were hanging there, your foot caught in the wrought iron railing of the balcony outside your bed room window. In my dream, there was a bloody river flowing on the street below and hummingbirds were feeding from it and they couldn’t fly away because their tiny feet were glued to the crimson pavement.

The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of Puggie Liddell

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite
Puggie cannot escape the bullies at school, especially Sammie and her groupies. Puggie's sister Gigi does her best to protect her brother from those students who ridicule Puggie's weight and his super "nerd" status, but her efforts are not always effective. There is no escape...until the two fall into a swimming pool formerly owned by Thomas Edison. At the bottom of the pool, a vortex swirls around the pool's drain and pulls the siblings into the past and an adventure that includes a visit to the Chicago World's Fair. While there Thomas Edison and his nemesis Tesla compete over who will own the mysterious time machine located in Puggie's rebuilt Game-boy. As Puggie and Gigi endure a variety of comical captures, the siblings find themselves in a race against the Game-boy's battery life to find another vortex to return them to the 21st century.
Karen Mueller Bryson has created an interesting angle on time t…

First Friday #2

Fairmont's First Friday Arts and Music SeriesMay 17 We will have the following local authors:

Daleen Berry from Kingwood, WV. Her memoir about domestic violence titled "Sister of Silence"

Majesta Antion from Grafton, WV. Her children’s book, "We Chose You" is about adoption.

Lisa McCombs from Monongah, WV. Her young adult book, "Abby" is about a young girl’s seventh grade yea

Seven days of school left!

It's coming down to the wire. Counting the days until I can (possibly) devote uninterrupted (ha!) time to writing. I still need to edit my November NANOWRIMO work if I want to collect my prize. That's book 3 of my trilogy, so June will be Finish Book Two Month. The Day Ted Williams Came to Town is a project that is a project burning in my soul, so August NaNo Camp is going to get a full dose of that work.  Can I do all of this AND promote Abby AND still review for Good Reads, AND read all of the awesome YA novels that are collecting beside my chair and on my Kindle? AND spend time with the family? Yes, I can. I am looking forward to it!!!!!!
StephPellegrin  Sorry, just saw your tweet! There's a quote I love that reads, "Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can."

Close to Famous

Joan Bauer is my new hero! Close to Famous is an inspiration and after reading it I just want to rewrite, rethink and redo EVERYTHING I have ever penned. I cried, I laughed, I remembered...I cannot believe that I am just now discovering this awesome author. I want more!!!!
Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite Reckless Perfection is a colorful portrayal of ethnic diversity in America’s public school system. High school co-eds Mercedez, Julia, Angela, and Amanda are examples of the hidden life of today’s youth. Physical abuse, relationship angst, gossip, bullying…these are the biggest problems described in this raw  depiction of urban life and the battle of the social placement in society. Friends betray friends and family situations are revealed when these girls dared to date outside of their social status. When bad boy Robbie enters the picture, rumors begin to circulate concerning his mysterious past and his sexual prowess with the girls of Roctown High. Additional problems erupt when Mercedez attacks her pregnant stepmother and endangers the life of her unborn sister. Twins Julio and Julia attempt to sooth troubled waters of the parents’ marriage. Angela struggles to correct her checkered past and make amends with those she hurt. Amanda just…

Book Event @ Barnes and Noble

My mother says that Mother's Day would mean nothing without a daughter to share it, this daughter is taking her mother to Barnes and Noble in Morgantown, WV, on Saturday, May 12, for an early Mother's Day celebration. While we are there, I will be signing copies of Abby from 1 until my mother says it's time to go eat:) Hope to see you there!

The Valley Walker

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite “Two salt tablets, a canteen of water and push on grunt.” This is the mantra that drives John Walker to maintain his purpose. Walker is a larger than life character whose objective is to right the wrongs created by the heroin lords of Laos, those vile creatures who are responsible for the deaths of far too many college students and whose business is the ruination of an otherwise prosperous future for too many trusting individuals. Walker’s wife doesn’t even know what motivates her husband who she hasn’t seen in years, having buried his war veteran body some time ago. Special Investigator Teri Altro unknowingly is Walker’s champion in his campaign to eradicate the plans of the drug terrorists who have infiltrated the US. Walker’s plan seemed to have evolved many years ago when he became infatuated with America’s participation in the Viet Nam conflict. While there he was “adopted” by individuals more power than the mere mortal he was upon…

Taylor Books in Charleston, WV

A great day with fellow WV authors Mike Casazza, Marilyn Sue Shank, and Mary Rocini, and illustrator Gina Thomas. Of course I had to purchase a few books...

What a way to begin the merry month of May!

First Friday in
Fairmont with Rich Bottles and Gary Vincent. Thank you, Kerri's Korner, for sponsoring us!

Headed South!

On Saturday, May 5, I will be at Taylor Books in Charleston to join several WV authors in a signing extravaganza! 11:00-1:00
Taylor Books is located on Capital Street. Come join the fun!

A Weekend of Signing!

Friday, May 4,2012, Mainstreet Fairmont is hosting an Arts Fest that will showcase area authors, musical talent, and food. I will be at Kerri's: (5:00-7:00) Korner booth beside Notable Sweets, signing Abby. Come out and enjoy the festivities!!!

Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (And Thrive) Middle School

Lisa McCombs review for Readers Favorite Middle School…the worst years of your life…or are they? Lucy and CeCee, seventh grade experts, have devised the perfect handbook for middle school survival. Everything from honing in on the types of teachers and how to handle them, to planning the perfect sleepover, foolproof tardy excuses, and the importance of maintaining social decorum…these gals advise even the most socially handicapped in a humorous, yet realistic guide to succeeding in middle school. Do you need to know how to successfully pass that all important note during class? Are you still not clear on how to distract a teacher during the most boring lecture of all time? What do you do at the mall other than shop? These gals know all and tell all in their instructional account of surviving and thriving in middle school. Seemingly different, these BFFs come together in their devotion to one another. Lucy’s goal is to do anything necessary to land the perfect boyfriend (even if he is…
Breaking Lauren
Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite
He lives on the edge. She walks the straight and narrow. His life is an open book. She keeps her secrets close. He's secure in his public image. She lives in the shadow of her perfect sister. Danny and Lauren are both trying to overcome disastrous pasts, but their past refuses to lift them up to the place they most want to be: he with her and she with the most popular crowd in school. Danny's existence revolves around his uncle's illegal business  transactions, no matter the cost to Danny and his cousins. Lauren's family is new to the area following their move from Illinois to escape the nasty turn of events that stamped their public image undesirable. Lauren wants to start anew and place her own stamp on her school life...not just be someone's little sister. And she know she can do it. Her goal is to claim the most popular boy as her own; if only the school juvenile delinquent wasn't so darn irresi…
Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite
Bobby, an author by trade faces his greatest writing challenge to date as he struggles to pull his characters out of a dangerous and suspenseful situation. Nothing out of the ordinary for your every day author. Except Bobby is anything but ordinary. Bobby is in a coma. As he writes the scintillating lines of his latest novel, the world revolves around him, unaware of his what is happening in these seemingly vegetative individual. Where Bobby's medical condition has become a hopeless waiting game for his friends and family, he produces a fictional tale of intrigue that oddly mirrors his current life. The exception to the otherwise pessimistic perspective of his chances of survival is his four year old niece, Chloe, plans her days around Uncle Bobby's return to the living because of her invention of a magical magnet that will operate on his damaged brain. While the rest of the family fashion their daily schedules around hospital vis…

Slipping Reality

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite
Katie should be a typical teenage girl doing typical teenage girls things; and to her peers she is. She goes to school where she tolerates biology class, aces English class (she's already read all the assigned novels) and excels in art class. One would think that she and her best gal pal share an exciting high school social life, but at the end of the school day, Katie goes home to an atmosphere of sadness and anxiety. Katie's brother Matthew is suffering his third and most likely final round of cancer. While Katie's mother devotes her every waking moment researching possible life-saving medical procedures and Matthew approaches each day with a courageous smile, Katie finds herself drowning in an existence void of escape from sickness and false hopes. Just as her spirit is at its lowest point, two men enter her life to comfort and carry her away from the dark realities of her daily life. Who are they? WHAT are they? Guardian an…
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Narrative Loserdom: (From Journal One)

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite
The perfect existence is to be surrounded by totally "hot" girls and have pay TV at your finger tips. Or so thinks Jason Taggart's best friend, Adam. Although he agrees with the need for pay channels (to the point of engaging in slightly illegal exploits to obtain it), Jason can only focus on one unobtainable girl. To enrich his high school experience and offset his rather frustrating football career, Jason enrolls in journalism class to learn how to write a journal. Imagine his surprise when the true purpose of the course is revealed! He perseveres, though, and actually enjoys his time there. Jason's journal entrees reveal a side of today's teenage boy that the public does not always see. Jason struggles with right and wrong choices and refers to his faith the God controls his destiny.
Narrative Loserdom:(From Journal One) is a wonderful addition to a sorely lacking market of books for boys. As a middle school readin…

Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite
Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys is a story of family rigidity and social restraints. Andy McBride and Louisa Martin meet while attending medical school at the University of Utah, Andy is a good looking guy, anxious to gain his degree and put his knowledge to good use. Louisa is top of her class and determined to use her degree to make a difference for the members of her people in Gabriel's Landing. Andy is attracted this beautiful, nontraditional classmate, even with her indifference to fitting in with the rest of their classmates. Her indifference to  the social life that accompanies the college atmosphere only endears his heart the more. Andy suspects that Louisa hails from a polygamist family lifestyle which his lawyer father fights so hard to eliminate in their predominately Mormon state. Upon graduation, Andy fails to convinced Louisa to rebel against what he finds an abnormal existence and she returns to her small, carefully …

Book Review:The Salome Effect

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite

The Salome Effect is a story of international intrigue and the magic of innocent love. American soldier Robert Orazio faced a life of continuous PDS events following a brutal and disturbing military tour. He remembered the serenity he felt when on leave in Italy and made a move of permanent residence upon his discharge. Unfortunately, Robert's solitude leads to loneliness which he fills with long hours spent in the local strip joint. His extracurricular activity leads him to Marianna, the beautiful exotic performer whose soul is filled with a misery to which Robert can relate. Marianna  instructs Robert on his knowledge and appreciation of classical artworks and he learns that her dream is to utilize her knowledge one day as an art courier. His fascination with Marianna controls his thoughts and leads to an irrational decision to go to extreme lengths in order to prove his love for her and to secure her devotion to him at the same time…
Book Review Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers Favorite

The Jane Austin Academy is a private girls school attended mostly by the "privileged" set, but junior Lizzie is one of the fortunate middle class members of the student body. She realizes that her presence at this prestigious school is mainly to keep her out of hr parents' way, but that is okay with her. Jane Austin is her private haven and personal passion. So, when Lizzie arrives on campus for her third year to discover that the school has been sold and is now accepting BOYS, she embarks on a crusade to save the integrity of Jane Austin Academy. To do this Lizzie must sacrifice her dream of rooming with her best friend in order to obtain the status of editor in chief of the school newspaper. Her new roomie is none other than the campus snob and direct descendant of the founder of Jane Austin Academy. Jealousy takes over Lizzie's thoughts as she watches Ellie (her "bestie" since pre-school) bond with …

Deadly Deadline

Well, tomorrow is the last day of February and the last day of my self-imposed deadline to have Abby's sequel complete. inconveniently got in the way and I'm NOT going to make it.
I just ran across this YA blog and love it! Wishing I was more interested in blogging...just can't fit it into my already crowded schedule:(

The Book I Want to Be

Recently I have had the honor of reviewing books for Favorite Reads, which has made me realize that, although an avid reader, I am not a "thorough" reader. Sure, I read fast and constantly add up the number of volumes consumed, but do I really absorb all that I read?
I love placing new titles on my classroom shelf, but this reviewing process has given me pause as to what I am actually "feeding" my students. I am currently enjoying Not Like You by Deborah Davis, which was on a student's wish list to add to the classroom library. After reading the first few pages I knew that this was NOT appropriate fodder for my 8th grade girls. Sure, they may (probably are) wise to the content, but it is NOT my responsibility to reinforce this knowledge. (I am working on the basis that my mother would have had a cow if she thought that I was being exposed to said carnal thoughts at 12, 13, or 14 years of age.)
So...I offer Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick as a good alter…

Not Enough Time!

I wish I could be more interested in blogging, but I just cannot seem to get enthused. I'm inclined to equate it with watching TV for some reason. I do NOT like to watch TV. Any free time I have is spent reading or writing. I DVeR the last 45 minutes of a movie two weeks ago and I have yet to watch it. It was a really good movie, too. I just can't bring myself to stare at the screen long enough to see the conclusion. I'm pathetic. Think I'll go read...