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Just a few hours left until  writing becomes a job. I'm not sure it's in my best interest to tackle book 3 for this challenge when book 2 isn't complete. It will be interesting to see where the plot goes from here. I write best when I just let the characters take over. So....take it away, Abby!

November Challenge

I'm gearing up for the November Writing Challenge and am determined to write the appointed daily number of words even if they do not make sense:) I figure that I can finish Razzberry Beret and get a solid start on Dear Jesse. That would complete my trilogy by 2012! (At least the first draft.)
I have difficulty not proofing every time I write, though. I need to learn to write without being concerned about mistakes. It's a tough habit to break.

Someone Famous

A colleague from a neighboring school called to request a favor from me last week. She had a student who had an assignment to obtain the signature of someone famous. She asked that I sign a piece of paper for her.
I'm someone famous now!:)

Barnes and Noble

I could get used to this! Abby was met with an unbelievable level of enthusiasm at my signing today. I am so excited that I was actually signing MY BOOK at B&N. Abby is now travelling to Mass. and to Maine!


DKG meeting in Preston County was fabulous! What a fantastic group of educators, active an retired...They welcomed my mother and my niece and myself with opened and loving arms and certainly treated us royally. Wonderful food, good company, and the warmth only REAL teachers can offer.

Very Exciting Promo technique

I left a copy of my book in a rest stop while traveling and received a wonderful e-mail today in response. Abby traveled to South Carolina, up to New York and is now going to Virginia. Even if this does not advance sales, at least I get to share my novel with a collection of interested individuals:)