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Trying to stay focused on my life's goal. It's very difficult to write full time when I already have a full time job and full time family. I guess I just have too many "full time" commitments!

Sneak Peek of Abby

August 23 Dear Abby, My name is Abigail Van Buren Masterson.I discovered your name in our school library. My seventh grade English class is doing a newspaper activity and each of us was assigned a different section in the local newspaper. Mine is Section B and that’s where I saw your advice column. At first I thought Miss Hendershot (my English teacher) was playing a joke on me and some how put my name in the newspaper as a silly prank for the “new kid”, since that’s what I am, the “new kid”. But, then I realized that, no, I am actually named after someone famous and that’s really cool. It’s like Carmen ( I mean, KARMA) and I plan to view that as a good sign for the beginning of my new school year, in a new school, in a new town. Any way, the assignment is to research something we read about in our assigned section of the newspaper. I found you, so, viola!, you are now my researchtopic! I will be writing to you in this special diary thatmy mom let me buy when we shopped for school suppli…