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A weekend in writer's paradise

Just got home from a 3 day mini-vaca in Bemis, WV. It's the perfect place for literary inspiration. I didn't actually write this weekend, but the creative juices were alive and in operation. I did read a bit and played around with some ideas for Raspberry Beret, the sequel to Abby.

Barnes and Noble, my newwest BFF

Yesterday I traveled with the Y-Teens to Pittsuburgh to see West Side Story and then do a little shopping in South Hills. Since I am not particularly interested in shopping I was pumped to find a B and N to hang out in. And since I was there...yep, I solicited Abby and they ordered some copies. Abby is officially in Pennsylvania now!

Beware the Written Word

I have decided that we "are what we read". After a second evening of Steven Tyler's biography, I actually think I woke up this morning with a hang over. I am going to spread his story out rather than attacking it all at once. I need to incorporate some wholesome prose to unclutter my mind.

Presentation at Monongah Elementary

I cannot wait to go to Monongah Elementary School next week to particiapate in an after school parent session sponsored by Marion County Title I. Two additional  Monongah authors are invited with one a definite. Linda Stevenski writes children's books and I am anxious to meet her...especially since I've known her family members since high school. I do not know Larry Morgan, the comic book illustrator, who is invited; but what an interesting combination the three of us will make! And all from little ol' Monongah! How cool is that?!
Sarah Desson's What Happened to Goodbye
Does the Noise in my Head Bother You? by Stephen Tyler

I just finished The Soloist by Steve Lopez


I loved writing my novel Abby, but the promotion of said story is intense and totally out of my realm of expertise, so I would appreciate any suggestions that might advance my sales and allow Abby to circulate out there is "real world land".

Book Signing

This has been an awesome weekend! I began on Saturday with a book signing at Kerri's Korner and then travelled to Grafton to reunite with former colleagues...and they, too, wanted copies is Abby.
Today I had the opportunity and honor to hold a signing at my church. Faith Methodist. Thank you, all my friends in Christ, for supporting my book.