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Talking to your children about MS

I've been short changing myself lately. All this time I believed that I Have MS. What's Your super Power? is the one true thing have written about multiple sclerosis. 
That is not true.                            

Sure I know that my main character in my first young adult novel learns abut her mother's diagnosis early on in the story; but recently until re-reading the book I didn't actually realize just how much the theme of the novel revolves around family reactions to MS. (preferred method of purchase...$15.00 and free shipping) cover, same story)

I wrote Abby, before I really began the true MS journey. My diagnosis was confirmed July 2001 and the book was published February 201, ten years later. That is n…
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Understanding MS

Understanding multiple sclerosis? Really?
As a seasoned MS Warrior, I have no sensible response to this. 
Other than medical jargon and, debate, and contemplation, there is no "understanding" multiple sclerosis.
Yes, we can study the diagram above. We can do the research and document academic explanations, but  the end result is that no one an explain MS that will fit a universal definition of the disease? Don't believe me? Live with it for a while.

I believe it is more important to educate those we associate with on a daily basis. Existing with a chronic disease is challenging. We know that. We also know that although the above advice is accurate, that we are not weak or defective, we DO have certain limitations. Our lives changed the minute of diagnosis. So, although I agree with all of the pretty little orange boxes above, People without MS also need to know that when we cannot or do not participate in the activities of a former life doesn't mean that we don't wan…

MS Fame

And just like that, I am a television personality.
But, it's not about me. 
MS Awareness Month provides a platform on which to share
our journey and offer support for those living with or assisting
others with multiple sclerosis.

This is a designated time for public awareness and education.

MS is a Mystery that must be Solved.

Not only can you find my book on the sites highlighted in the above article, but I will gladly fill your order, postage free. Just contact me here, or at

If you are in the area, join me at McAteer's on Locust Avenue i Fairmont, WV, tomorrow from 8-2. I get to eat TWO meals at my favorite diner!  Thank  you, Tim McAteer, for allowing awareness of multiple sclerosis come to your establishment!

Lisa, The Lady with the Cane 

Anatomy of the Leision

Are  you curious about those  pesky lesions that rule your world?
Thanks to a fellow Warrior and  admin of the face book page: Angela Theriot Cormier posts daily and is always there for conversation and insight into what we as MS Heroes face. 

I love this simple, no-nonsense chart of the brain's functions. We may not appreciate the lesions it hosts, but knowing the areas of affectation is empowering. The more we know, the better quipped we are to move forward with our private MS struggles.

How the brain functions Frontal Lobe Controls • Movement • Thinking initiation • Reasoning (judgement) • Behavior (emotions) • Memory • Speaking Parietal Lobe Controls
• Knowing right from left
• Sensation
• Reading
• Understanding
spacial relationships Temporal Lobe Controls
• Understanding language
• Behavior
• Memory
• Hearing Occipital Lobe Controls
• Vision
• Color blindness Cerebellum Controls
• Balance
• Coordination
• Fine…

Weird MS side-effects

You do it. I know you do.
It might be your scalp or your arms. With me, it is the left shin. I have scratched so much I really believe the skin has become discolored from the constant connection with my finger nails. Cortizone doesn't help nor do the pharmacy of moisturizers I slather on daily. (Although, I have discovered that Gold Bond Ultimate, with aloe,  lasts the longest. It smells clean too.)

"Use an ice pack", I am advised. Sure , it works, but for me it is so temporary I could have used the preparation time doing something else. Time becomes a very important commodity when living with a chronic disease. I need to make the best of every second; as we all should, disease or no.

No one ever told me about this itch and in my research results are somewhat new. Itching, evidently is a newer side effect of MS.

Most recently I have…