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MS is a thief, but I fight back!

Wednesday I wrote a few thing things I miss in my daily life because of my MS. I miss my job as a teacher, yes, but there are many other voids in my life compliments of the MonSter. 

I fear that I might have sounded whiny and that was not, is not, my goal. It got the attention of few readers, though, and for that I am thankful. MS March Madness is fast approaching. That means that I will be blogging for thirty days in the month of March in order to draw attention to the injustices of this disease. But it's not just a whine fest. (There might be WINE involved, though.) Each year I encourage readers to join in the discussion and this year is no exception. During the month of March (or any time, really) I urge you to participate in my personal campaign by posting comments here or contacting me in other ways. 

My e-mail is and I am on Face Book. 

See? There is no excuse for not being part of my pitch to battle the MonSter by contributing suggestions and ideas…
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Because of MS, I miss...

Owning an incurable and/or chronic disease requires a lot of sacrifices. Of course, this ownership is not of free choice, so it ultimately up to the owner how she (Sorry about the gender discrimination. I am just speaking fro myself.) will manage the these inconvenient circumstances.

The biggest sacrifice I have made as a result of "owning" MS is my unplanned retirement. Now, don't get me wrong. It was probably (no, definitely) a good idea to retire when I did, but I miss it every day. 


... the smell of the school. I retired from an older building where the janitors still cleaned with Murphy's Oil Soap and some classrooms still had honest-to-goodness chalk boards so the chalk dust odor was still evident. (And probably hazardous, but that was the least of my worries. I discovered dust free chalk many years ago.) My classroom windows were huge and wood framed, and I could actually open them when I wanted fresh air. The floor's gleaming wood finish allowed fo…

Non-resolution resolutions. #MyMS

I have never like purple, of any shade. Until now.

Lilacs and lavenders have become my go-to hues. My bathroom is encased in lavenders and sage greens. My kitchen was transformed into a Parisian inspired wine room of every grape infused color from the California wine country of  hills of Temeculah to the Italian vineyards of Tuscany.

I infuse lavender essential oils throughout the main floor of my home to instill calm and feelings of good will. I even tried my hand at growing lavender plants last spring. No luck with the outside plants, but my indoor pots overflowed with lavender for several weeks. With any luck my next exterior harvest will take over the front lawn to serve as my gardening attempt for 2018. Not wildly enthusiastic at the art of green thumb activity, my hope is that lavender growing will be as tranquil as the plant it represents.

During my holiday binge watching of Gray's Anatomy, I noticed something extremely appealing in an episode when Izzie was hospitalized. Yes,…

Are you looking forward to the new year?

I don't know about you, but 2017 has been a particularly challenging year so the thought of a bright and shiny new year is intoxicating.

Although I realize that 2018 will not be much different in the realm of MS for me, I can always hope.

One thing I have come realize is that I control the direction of my MS more than anyone or any thing else. No, I cannot control the progression of the disease, but my attitude lies solely in my own hands. Recently I have kind of lost the motivation to assume the drivers seat in conducting this silent symphony of neurological drama. I have abandoned my morning exercise routine, I have consumed far too much processed sugar, and I allow tears to rule my world. 

Because my resolutions as with most of Americans normally fall moot very quickly, I will NOT claim to become super woman in 2018. I am not going to promise to adhere to the rules of promised physical and mental perfection. My bikini body will remain the same as it is and I most likely will not i…

MonSter in the driver's seat

I don't know who I was kidding, but let me take the weight of my fib. Why I though I could complete this trip is even more ridiculous than the decision to to begin it.

 I'm sure I have read multiple books that represent every state in this country as well as all the countries and continents on this planet. At last count (fifteen plus ears go) I kept a diary (multiple) of every book I rad. Sometime I wrote descriptions, some times not. The point is that I was at one time extremely organized in my reading. 

I am still reading. Do't get me wrong. I read every day ,just not in a regulated manner as Read Across America requires.

The original purpose of this blog was to connect with other acquaintances with the MonSter. That has somehow shifted in focus as I attempt to but that demon aside . But he invades my personal space uninvited and reminds me that attention is needed. that I am not a normal person.

This morning I arose early to work on my NaNoWriMo assignment, as I oily have 3…

Lisa's Friday Reviews (On a Monday)

Yes, I am a bit late, but my NaNoWriMo word count began November's National Novel Writing Month challenge at an impressive number, so I might not have been reading but I  certainly have been writing.

Somewhere along my reading journey I have developed a sincere love for true life adventure. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson fit the bill perfectly for a visit to the state of Maryland. Bryson had me as soon as I saw the book cover. Who says you can't judge a book by its cover?
A Walk in the Woods stirred a longing for just that. A long walk mid the flora an fauna of my Appalachian home land. Or, in my case, a comfy chair and a cup of tea to accompany a pleasant afternoon read.


OHIO I kind of got lost in Ohio, but I did discover my new favorite author. No, I haven't had the opportunity to actually read all of these books, but Jeffrey Eugenides and I have a standing date for post-NaNoWriMo. Yep, Jeffrey and are going to be spending some time together come December. Anythi…

Lisa"s Friday Reviews: West Virginia State Book Festival

As with any road trip, some of the most exciting parts are the un expected side trips.

Today I should regaling Pennsylvania, but instead find my way to one of the biggest book shows in the nation.

My reviews will have to wait until my return. A return I will make with my arms full of BOOKS!